Chiropractic & Sports

Usain Bolt's Performance Chiropractic Care

Usain Bolt (fastest man in the world) getting a chiropractic adjustment. Do you think it's for "back pain" or maybe to perform at his highest level of peak performance?

NBA Superstar Derrick Rose Attributes Triumphant Return to Chiropractic

Chicago Bulls All-Star point guard Derrick Rose makes his return to the court after missing 5 consecutive games (most of his career) due to back spasms. 


This is his interview, after a triumphant return to the game, on how chiropractic helped him get well and back on the court.

Pro Bowl running back Maurice Jones-Drew & Chiropractic

Pro Bowl running back Maurice Jones-Drew is one of the NFL's top rated running backs.  At just 5'7" and at playing a physically demanding position his body accumulates the wear and tear of multiple hits week in and week out.  


This is a segment on his recovery process, utilizing chiropractic care, during the week after a Sunday game.

Jerry Rice speaks out about his success with Chiropractic

Jerry Rice, one of the greatest wide receivers in the National Football League history is now telling his story on how he managed to withstand all those "vicious" hits throughout his career with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic & the San Francisco 49ner's Championship run

During the San Francisco 49ner's championship years the players utilized chiropractic care to stay in top physical form.  This is a segment by Bryant Gumbel on chiropractic cares key role in the 49ner's championship seasons.

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