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Definitive Reason Inspiring Voluntary Effort


Once a health goal

is established, DRIVE determines the thought to action. It is the fuel to initiate and build momentum. 

One’s DRIVE towards health has to be more empowering than all of the excuses/challenges one will encounter. It DRIVEs why one does what one does.


There are external and internal DRIVEs. External DRIVE comes from outside motives which can induce short-term thinking and/or short cuts/cheating. Internal DRIVE comes from inner progression and mastery which leads to autonomy and purpose.


Autonomy and purpose in The 5 to Strive:

Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Physical Body Care, Mental Wellness


If health goals are clear and the DRIVE is empowering, the effort will follow.


Mindset DRIVEs actions. Actions DRIVE results. Results DRIVE the positive feedback loop to continue the health mindset and actions.

Dr. Travis Taira


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