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March 2015


Health Trends

How’s your health trending? Are you bullish (improving)? Or, are you bearish (declining)?


Does your health reflect your investment? Your investment of time? Money? Energy? Are you inspired by your results?


Do you track your trends? Weight & body fat %? Blood pressure & heart rate? How far? How many reps? The numbers show your gains & what needs to change.


Health is a science. Ignoring the numbers is like school without grades, no accountability.


You are the sole owner of your health. Hold yourself accountable. Recognize your trends. Get the results you desire. Don’t just hope for good health, go out & get it done!

New Year Workout Pains!

With the New Year workouts come the workout aches and pains! It's inevitable.


But, how you prepare your body for a workout and how you care for your body after and between workouts is critical!


If you want your body to perform at a high level and last for a lifetime of activity click here for TIPS TO A PAIN-FREE WORKOUT!

Add Numbers to Your Health Goals & Plans

What is your health goal(s) this year? If you're like most, your answer(s) are most likely:


1. Lose weight

2. Get in shape

3. Be healthy


How successful have you been? How many years have these been the same goal(s)? Without numbers, how are you supposed to measure your gains or where the change is necessary?


If this is your year to breakthrough and accomplish your health goals let’s add some numbers!


Look at your schedule and realistically see how many days you're able to exercise. Let’s say 3 week days and 1 weekend. Yes, you can get it in on your “day off”!

- Of those 3 week days and 1 weekend day, how much time do you have. 30 minutes? 60 minutes?

- Of the 30-60 minutes, how much time will you do cardio, strength training, and stretching?

- If you have 30 minutes, let’s do 15 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of strength training, and 5 minutes of stretching.

* The end result is exercising 3-4 times per week for 30-60 minutes per session, doing 15 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of strength training, and 5 minutes of stretching!


Don’t forget to add the nutritional part of the equation. Know what your obstacles are! If you’re a sugar/sweets person, or if you’re a carb-aholic, start noting WHEN and HOW MUCH you’re intaking. If you drink soda, juice, energy drinks, etc. start to cut down the amount per day or if you’re going for it, go cold turkey!


Like your finances, the numbers don't lie. If you're not looking at your health numbers how can you hold yourself accountable? 

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