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Frequency Levels Of Wellness


Health is often portrayed as instant. From instant pain relief to quick weight loss. From 6-minute abs to fast “healthy” foods. This emphasizes instant results with minimal attempts.



Health is a process that is not instant. It’s a process of delayed results with continuous proactive effort.


The continuous effort and the frequency levels towards

The 5 to Thrive:

Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Physical Body Care, Mental Wellness


Developing frequency allows for habit formation. Frequency over time allow habits to become self-regulating. Self-regulating of

habits over time allows the transformation of self-identity. The transformation of self-identity explains why one does, what one does and how often one does it because it is who they believe they are.


The Frequency Level Of Wellness is essential in creating

an individual that identifies as a healthy person.

Dr. Travis Taira


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