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March 2016


Defining Decisions


There are moments in our lives where the decisions we make, or do not make, result in lasting effects.


What’s the last health decision that you had to give serious thought to? Was it a decision you were told to make? Or, did you make it on your own?


The difference is external vs internal motivation. The latter is always more empowering. It’s when you turn ‘have to’s’ into ‘want to’s’! That’s the “tipping point”! The moment where you’re empowered to take action.


3 reasons defining decisions are never made:

  1. Too busy to ask purposeful questions
  2. Too concerned about past failure
  3. Too content to make purposeful changes

Do you make decisions based on logic? Or, based on emotion? If, you’re like most, it’s probably a bit of both. You know logically making changes to your health is essential. But, are you willing to sacrifice emotionally, a possible let down?


Ultimately, you have to ask yourself, will this decision make me happier? Will I be able to enjoy this life more? It just may be a defining decision that could change your life!


The best time to make health decisions was yesterday. The next best time is now.

Treating Sciatica

Warning: Traffic Drivers

Here on Oahu traffic is a part of daily life. Whether it's a 30 minute upwards to an hour or hour and a half, it's adding sitting time to your day!
Sciatica is a common condition that affects many that have to sit in traffic on top of sitting at work! It is recognized as a pain that begins in the buttocks area, often on one side, that radiates down into the glute (buttocks) and down the back of the leg. It's literally a "pain in the butt"!

Pain Proof your Commute

Here on Oahu traffic is unfortunately inevitable! Here are tips to consider to prevent or reduce back pain from your driving:


1. Empty back pocket - Mostly for men; remove wallet from back pocket to avoid tilting hips and straining lower back.


2. Posture in - Try to avoid bending from the spine when getting into your vehicle.


3. Adjust seat back angle - Set angle at a comfortable position where the ears, shoulders, and hips are in alignment.


Click here for more tips on Pain Proofing you Commute.

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