June 2023



Efficiency At Skills Yearly


Nothing worthwhile comes EASY.

And health is certainly worthwhile.


Health is a set of fundamental skills.    

The 5 to Thrive Standard: sleep, nutrition, exercise, body care, mental wellness     


Health skills become EASY-er with PRACTICE: 

Purposeful Repetition And Consistent Training In Creating Efficiency


Most importantly, how frequently skills are practiced over time.

5x/wk over 6 months is more effective in creating efficiency than

1x/wk over 12 months.


Health is often granted freely, but one is certainly not entitled to it. One can take the EASY route (Entitled Attitude Skewing Yield).

This is a route of neglect and leads to problems.

Or, take the active route, making health EASY (Efficient At Skills Yearly)


If aging, energy, strength, mobility, balance, and/or immune system function is of any concern, one should ask if they’re willing to make things EASY.


Is thriving in health easy? NOCan it get EASY-er? With PRACTICEIs it worthwhile? Absolutely!

Dr. Travis Taira


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Therapists & Services

Massage Therapist        Kelly Taira, LMT

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Massage Therapist        Henry Reano, LMT

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Acupuncturist Julia Horie, LAc

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8:30am -5pm

Lactation Massage        Yuko Kowal, IBCLC, LMT, RYT

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Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat

IV Therapist  Syndee Taira, RN

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Wed 9am - 4pm

And upon request

IV Therapist Jamie Ishikawa, RN

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Wed 9am - 4pm

And upon request

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