February 2017


The Health Unknown


What we don’t know often scares us. Intimidation of a

new nutrition plan. Fear of a challenging workout. Uncertain how far we can push ourselves physically & mentally.


Has the fear of the unknown stopped you from trying? Not knowing if you’ll be “good” a at particular exercise. Unsure if you’ll “like” a new “healthy” food. Doubtful if you could get in the “best shape of your life”.


F.E.A.R is a False Expectation Appearing Real. It often reveals our

self limitations & self-doubt. It hinders our ability to explore our potentials physically, mentally, & spiritually. It creates insecurities

to taking risks. It enables us to rationalize excuses.


Let us overcome our health fears! Know what YOU can control. Take responsibility of your mindset & actions. Seek what inspires you. Take a risk & try new things. And, don’t settle for

less than your best!


We don’t know how long we’ll live. But, we do know that we control how well we live.


Exploring our unknowns & facing our fears allows us to express our greatest health thus our greatest self!

Massage Therapist, Tomoe Smith LMT

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Treating Sciatica

Warning: Traffic Drivers

Here on Oahu traffic is a part of daily life. Whether it's a 30 minute upwards to an hour or hour and a half, it's adding sitting time to your day!
Sciatica is a common condition that affects many that have to sit in traffic on top of sitting at work! It is recognized as a pain that begins in the buttocks area, often on one side, that radiates down into the glute (buttocks) and down the back of the leg. It's literally a "pain in the butt"!

Pain Proof your Commute

Here on Oahu traffic is unfortunately inevitable! Here are tips to consider to prevent or reduce back pain from your driving:


1. Empty back pocket - Mostly for men; remove wallet from back pocket to avoid tilting hips and straining lower back.


2. Posture in - Try to avoid bending from the spine when getting into your vehicle.


3. Adjust seat back angle - Set angle at a comfortable position where the ears, shoulders, and hips are in alignment.


Click here for more tips on Pain Proofing you Commute.

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