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January 2016


Moving F.O.R.W.A.R.D.


Do you welcome the New Year with new goals & plans? Or, is it “just another year”?

In general, those who set goals are motivated for the New Year & those who don’t, tend to repeat “just another year”.


Don’t let past unfinished goals strengthen your apprehension of setting new goals. Undoubtedly, we’ve all failed to accomplish certain goals.


But, the difference is those who continue to move forward FAIL FORWARD. And, those who don’t FAIL TO KEEP TRYING.


Think about your health goals this year? Is it about weight? Exercise? Nutrition? Quitting habits?


Whatever your goal is, use the F.O.R.W.A.R.D. strategy (by John Maxwell):

F – Finalize a goal; pick one and focus energy there!

O – Order of plan; prioritize steps of action

R – Risk taking; there are times you just have to go for it!

W – Welcome mistakes; accept that speed bumps will happen

A – Advance on character; stay strong mentally 

R – Reevaluate progress; objectively look at strengths & improvements

D – Develop new strategies; be proactive & creative


Live with renewed purpose this 2016 year!

One year from today, will you have achieved the health you desire & what will your life be?

Pain Proof your Workout

Stay on track with your workouts and get the results pain-free!


Make 2016 your healthiest year yet! Here are a few tips to working out pain-free:


1. Know your current fitness level - If you've been out-of-shape for a while, begin at a comfortable pace to avoid injuries. Build your stamina (cardio) and stretching (flexibility) then progress to body weight traing then weight training.


2. Structure - Have an outline of your workout. Start with a warm-up and stretches. Move to your cardio. Head to strength training. Finish with a cool-down and stretches.


3. Get a trainer - If you do not have the knowledge for working out, get a trainer to get started and work on form and technique.


Click here for more tip on Pain Proofing your Workout.

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