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November 2015


Begin with the End


If there is no destination, direction is uncertain, & action is doubtful.


When it comes to your health, do you have an end goal? Working out for strength, stamina, flexibility? Get to an exact weight? Finish an event? Maintain consistency? Date to end bad habits?


Has “wanting” to be “healthy” been too vague? Is it a “want” without goals &/or commitment?


Starting with the finish in mind:

Aligns your core values

Points you in the right direction

Strengthens your commitment

Fuels your drive & discipline

Steers you clear from obstacles

Allows you to endure failure

Steadies you through emotions

Let’s you learn from mistakes

Inspires you to “get back up”

Affirms you to “never give up”!


Beginning with the end allows you to live purposefully toward your health.


Will you look inward & find your purpose? &, will you follow your path to put forth the effort?

Pain Proof your Sleep

Get a great nights rest and wake up pain-free!


There's no substitute for a good nights rest. Here are a few tips to sleeping well and waking pain-free:


1. Before Bed Stretching - Before jumping into bed, try a few stretches to relieve muscular tension accumulated throughout the day. Reducing muscular tension will increase relaxation and decrease joint pressure and pain.


2. Sleeping Positions - Sleeping on your back is the best. On your side is second. And, sleeping on your stomach is the worst creating the most discomfort.


3. Avoid Electronics - TV, mobile phones, and IPAD’s. These items emit frequencies that disturbs the brains ability to full shut down for quality sleep. 


Click here for more tip on Pain Free Sleeping.

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