Golden Rule of Exercise

Exercise is beneficial for a spine and body that is pain-free, balanced structurally, and moving properly mechanically.

Exercise can be detrimental for a spine and body that is already in pain, unbalanced structurally, and moving improperly mechanically.


Simply stated, beginning exercise when the body is already in pain may be detrimental and may cause more pain!


Before beginning any exercise program, it is in one's best interest to consult a professional chiropractor to check the balance of the structure and its mechanics to ensure optimal fitness and reducing risks of injuries. 

3 S's of Basic Fitness

3 aspects of basic fitness you should be focusing on!


Fitness is the condition of being physically fit to fulfill the ability to live optimally. Questions to ask yourself about your workouts are:

- What are my fitness goals?

- Are my workouts functional for my life?

- Are my workouts sustainable?

- How does my workouts improve my life?


Fitness encompasses different aspects of physical activity. There are 3 aspects of fitness which we call the 3 S's.


1. Strength training - This will include your body weight exercises, free-weight &/or machine weight exercises, and band resistance exercises.


2. Stamina training - This comprises your sustained cardiovascular exercises: power walking, jogging, hiking, swimming, biking, paddling, stand-up paddling, Zumba, etc.


3. Stretch training - This incorporates yoga, pilates, and self stretching.


A workout program that consist of all three aspects of fitness will allow you to optimize your performance, minimize your injury risks, and sustain fitness for the longevity of your lifetime!

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