Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Travis Taira


Growing up in Hawaii and in athletics, Dr. Taira has always been interested in the outdoors and staying active.  But one health problem always seemed to get in the way.  Dr. Taira grew up with severe asthma all throughout his childhood. Taking tons of drugs, inhalers, attending medical doctor appointments, and multiple trips to the emergency room never seemed to take care of the root cause of the breathing problem.

It wasn’t until a trip to his mother’s chiropractor’s office to address lower back stiffness and shoulder pain, from baseball, that a difference in his breathing was noticed!  At first, it was attributed to coincidence.  But, with regular chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Taira realized that it was the chiropractic care that made the life changing difference.


By correcting subluxations in the upper mid back, it was revealed that the nerves which controlled the lungs were released of the detrimental pressure, enabling for proper breathing!  It changed his life and his active lifestyle forever.


Dr. Taira has dedicated his time to serving the people of our community through chiropractic care and healthy lifestyles.  With years of education and training, Dr. Taira can help you and your family achieve optimal health.


Educational Background:

- Pearl City High School

- Oregon State University;

     Bachelor Degree in Exercise & Sport Science

- Life Chiropractic College West;

     Doctoral Degree in Chiropractic

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