Pain Proof Your Workouts

Whether it's getting started with your New Year's resolutions or continuing to stay in shape remaining pain-free is essential to your workout performance and longevity. Here are some tips to pain proofing your workouts: 

  1. Know your current fitness level – If you’ve been out-of-shape for a while, begin at a comfortable pace to avoid injuries. Build your stamina (cardio) and stretching (flexibility) then progress to body weight training then weight training.
  2. Structure – Have an outline of your workout. Start with a warm-up and stretches. Move to your cardio. Head to strength training. Finish with a cool-down and stretches.
  3. Get a trainer – If you do not have the knowledge for working out, get a trainer to get started and work on form and technique.
  4. Pre-workout readiness – Make sure you had a good night’s rest, balanced nutrition, and are hydrated properly for a good workout.
  5. Warm-up – Take 5-10 minutes to increase the body’s temperature to break a sweat. This allows the muscles to be more pliable, joints to be more fluid, and mind to be focused.
  6. Pre-workout stretching – There are different types of stretching. To start your workout, when the body is “cold”, use “dynamic” stretching to warm the muscles and ready the joints.
  7. Quality trumps quantity – Form and technique is by far the most important aspect of a workout. Whether it’s cardio (running, swimming, biking, etc.), weights (body, machine, free), or a particular sport, proper form and technique reduces injury risks.
  8. Know your limits – We all want to run faster/longer, lift heavier, and/or be more flexible. Be mindful of where your max limits are.
  9. Cool-down – Take 5-10 minutes to decrease the body’s temperature from your workout. This allows the body to return to resting levels.
  10. Post-workout stretching – Use static stretching vs. dynamic stretching to lengthen muscles and decrease pressure upon joints.
  11. Rolling – Use foam rollers, tennis balls, and/or golf balls to roll over certain muscles to reduce scar tissue, increase blood flow, and push out muscle toxins.
  12. Post-workout recovery – Feed the machine! Refuel with “clean” proteins and veggies. If needed, use a protein supplement (drink, bar, etc.). Be sure to re-hydrate with water and electrolytes.
  13. Ice and heat – If an injury (sprain or strain) occurs, ICE the area for 20 minutes followed by non-impact movement. For general soreness, use heat to increase blood flow followed by either dynamic or static stretching.
  14. Get your zzz’s – Sleep is essential for your body’s recovery. Do not skimp on it!
  15. Stay adjusted – Your body’s alignment is vital for your body’s balance. The better your spinal alignment, the lower your risk for injury.

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