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Brenton H.

I've been to another chiropractor before, and he was okay - nothing special but kinda indifferent and I didn't see the results I wanted.

Two of my family members go to Dr. Taira so I decided to try him too. The first thing that surprised me was that he wanted me to get x-rays first before doing anything. It can be expensive if you don't have insurance (luckily my insurance covered 90% of the x-ray fees) but he wants to see what's going on before blindly adjusting you. My last chiropractor never mentioned x-rays.

The second thing is that the people in his office are nice! Kawehi (who you'll probably speak to on the phone) and his sister Kelly always make conversation out in the front so it's nice and comfortable.

Dr. Taira seems to genuinely care about his patients. I definitely feel better after starting a regular monthly visit schedule with him. I was suffering from off and on lower back pain; he recommended some stretches, and specifically tailored my adjustments to help alleviate my lower back pain. I started working out which has helped as well, but I'm sure I'm throwing my back out of alignment while lifting weights which is why I look forward to my appointments here.

They accept insurance here too, though mine doesn't cover chiropractic care. He said he can help figure out a payment plan if need be - which is probably because in the first month, I was going once a week x $45 = expensive, plus the initial visit/consultation was $100 I believe. Well worth it though!

I'd definitely recommend Dr. Taira. He always explains everything too, which is a big plus.

Arielle M.

I've had lower back pain on and off for about 4 years, and have been to a couple different chiropractors. A few month's ago the pain came back and was pretty bad. I initially went to another chiropractor by word of mouth but I didn't feel like he knew what he was doing....That will be in another review....

Anyway, I saw Dr. Taira's reviews on Yelp and decided to check it out. I first called and got more info on how new patients are handled. Kawehi (receptionist) was super cool at explaining how it works and gave me a brief outlook of how he see's and handles his patients. My first appointment,  I debriefed him on my history and he listened and explained things to me very well and detailed. He sent me to get x-rays (which I never got from any chiro before) and by my third visit he explained my results and set up a plan to work on my corrections. 

I'm on my 8th adjustment and I feel 1000x better than I did when I first went it. 
Thanks Dr. Taira :)

Russel H.

I suffer from a chronic sore back, Dr. Taira's prescribed treatment  was the cure!  From his diagnosis and understandable explanation of my problem to corrective adaptive exercises and ongoing stretching and strengthening classes on Tuesdays at Moiliili Community Center at 5:30, he has helped my recovery in a positive and effective manner.   So impressive that I recommended my wife when she was injured.


His office staff is a reflection of his upbeat attitude and positive nature.  You'll come away impressed with the quality of care and positive vibes.

Krystn Y.

Dr. Taira is very easy-going yet very professional in his work. I started going to him because my boyfriend recommended him. He's gone to different chiropractors and from what I hear and have experienced, Dr. Taira is one of the best!!

He does a consultation on your first visit, looking over and feeling your spine or problem area, as well as puts you on scales to see how balanced you are and to get an estimation of what the problem is.

Before you come back for your second visit he requests that you get x-rays of your spine. He has paperwork filled out for you and you take it and go to one of three places that does x-rays. I went to Yeoh & Muranaka's in the Kaheka Professional Building which is right off of King Street (which is pretty close by). I think another x-ray place is by Ala Moana, and there's another one somewhere else, so you do have choices. They let you hand carry your x-rays to Dr.Taira's office, or you can have them sent over by their office. I hand carried mine over from the x-ray office the same day that I had my second appointment with Dr. Taira. (Y&M's x-ray office takes walk-ins, so I just did a walk-in on the same day.)

I LIKE that Dr. Taira makes you get the x-rays. He doesn't want to work on you or recommend treatment if he doesn't know what's actually wrong. I like that he takes the time to REALLY see what's causing the problem. I heard that some chiropractors just start doing adjustments on you, without knowing what's the matter.

He is also very informative. After seeing your x-rays, he explains them to you and writes you up a personalized plan and diagram on what your course of treatment will be. Before you start some of your first visits, the Kawehi, the super nice recptionist, will give to you informative pamphlets to read. They explain what chiropractic treatment is and how it is administered.

It may seem like his plan requires you to have a lot of future visits, but he works with you on what you want to do, how many visits you need or can afford, and he also doesn't pressure you into coming back frequently if you cannot.

I highly recommend Dr. Taira. He's very chill and relaxed, and he really knows what he's doing and what he is talking about.

My boyfriend had constant lower back pains and spasms and going to Dr. Taira as well as incorporating exercise, has almost eliminated them.

I myself had neck pains and started to develop a curve in my neck. Seeing Dr. Taira has eliminated my neck pains, and he is working with me to correct the curve or make it so it doesn't get worse.  Also, I have UHA for insurance and I only have a copay of $10.

Jason W.

Dr. Taira and his staff are professional, courteous, and have changed the quality of my life!

I suffered a neck injury from Jiu-Jitsu a few years ago and didn't have medical so I was looking for some different ways to treat the pain.  I discovered Dr. Taira by a referral from another grappler, and was not disappointed.  Dr. Taira was able to quickly help my injury recovery.  He also helped me to understand what the cause was.  I enjoyed it because many healers just treat symptoms and not the cause so this helped me to be more aware of my body and to take action to prevent further injury.  I feel as though I have a greater awareness of what's going on within me and I greatly appreciate that.


Much thanks to this awesome service and this great team!

“I was having quite a bit of pain in my neck and my wrists, arms, and back.  I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for years.  I didn’t want to have to take pain pills and thought chiropractic care might help.  I began by seeing Dr. Taira for an initial exam.  He showed me that my spine was completely out of alignment and the pressure on my spine was the cause of the pain – my stressful job added to this.  I saw results immediately after my first couple of treatments.  I noticed I was sleeping better, I had more energy and was in a better mood.  I began to function better at work.  I continued my treatments and now only need adjustments once a month.  I feel great and the stretching and exercises help me to stay aligned.  I’m so glad I chose chiropractic care.  It’s natural, works with my body, and genuinely helps me function at 100%.  Thanks Dr. Taira and staff!           Elizabeth C.

“Sore knee, shoulder, neck, headaches, and lower back problems!  All of these, plus the fact that we had insurance coverage for chiropractic care, brought us to Dr. Taira.  We are doing so much better now, and hopefully we can enjoy our retirement years without so much pain.  Thank you Dr. Taira!”          Mel & Karen E.

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you and your staff for your expertise, sincerity, and efficiency.  While driving my Volkswagen to work approximately 30+ years ago, I was hit from behind and suffered severe whiplash symptoms.  Through the years, I was treated by various physicians who suggested I would need neck surgery.  However, because of the risk involved with a neck procedure, I decided against surgery.  Consequently, this decision led to chronic neck and shoulder pains, fatigue, and headaches.  On many occasions our daughter, Judith, suggested that I should make an appointment with you.  Reluctantly I did, but now I am so thankful for the opportunity to have made your acquaintance.  Since the first adjustment to my neck and spine, my persistent headaches have disappeared.  Dr. Taira, your professionalism, patience, and integrity are an asset to the field of chiropractic care in Hawaii.  Thank you.”       Richard K.

"I am employed by an international airline, stationed here in Honolulu.  As part of my duties, I assist passengers with their reservations, check in of passengers and their luggage.  I have worked in the airline industry for 35 years and only once (6 months ago) incurred a back spasm caused from lifting heavy luggage (approximately 70 lbs.).

I was recommended to Dr. Taira by a friend.  It was my first experience with a chiropractor.  X-rays were taken to correctly diagnose my condition and through scheduled appointments within a week I felt much better.  He explained how “unbalanced” I was.  I absolutely would recommend chiropractic care for maintaining balance in your spine and life.  I am feeling “great” and plan on continuing my “therapy” for years to come.

Beverly M.

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