How long will I need Chiropractic care?

Here at our office, we make sure that our patients understand that chiropractic care is their choice.  Like exercising, eating properly, sleeping consistently, and having a positive attitude, your health and your chiropractic care is your choice.  How long should a person exercise?  A day?  A lifetime?


Most people come into our office due to a specific problem.  We will recommend the necessary treatment plan in the initial intensive phase to resolve the main complaint.  When the the main complaint is almost resolved, the corrective phase of care is initiated.  We will provide all the information necessary to make the best decision on how to prevent costly relapses.  A person has the choice to either continue care to stabilize and strengthen the spine.  Or, to discontinue care.  We caution those who discontinue care on the possibilities of relapses to an unstable and weakened area of the spine.


People who discover the benefits of maintenance or wellness care make a conscious decision on regular chiropractic checkups to maintain a healthy spine. It is a choice that a person makes to incorporate chiropractic care into their lifestyles in order to stay active and maintain optimal health.

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