Chiropractic & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Our feet take a beating!  But, without them, we're not going anywhere... Or, anywhere quickly!


   One of the most common problems of foot pain is Plantar Fascitis.  This is when the fascia, (the thick sheet under the foot), hardens, scars, and pulls on the toes, arch, and/or heel, resulting in tightness and/or pain in the arch or heel.


Here are some natural solutions:


1. Get adjusted.  Get your foot alignment checked.  Misalignments of the foot place uneven, detrimental pressure upon the plantar fascia which can lead to heel spurs.


2. Golf ball it.  Get a golf ball and roll the balls of the foot, arch, and heel to break down scar tissue that builds on the plantar fascia.  This helps to reduce tension on the fascia.


3. Stretch your achilles tendon.  The achilles tendon attaches the calf muscle to your heel.  Learning how to stretch this area decreases restrictions on the heel and plantar fascia.


4. Avoid slippers.  Slipper wear places the foot in an improper state when the foot touches down on the ground.  Due to the toes sweezing tight on the slipper, the foot becomes rigid and stiff, when it's supposed to be in an absorbent state.  This creates tension on the fascia with every step.


5. Lose some lbs.  Extra body weight places un-needed pressure upon your feet.  Follow solutions 1-4 to get rid of the pain then get active to drop the pounds.  Your feet will love you for it!

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