Chiropractic and Stress

Reduce your Stress & get adjusted!


Is STRESS getting the best of you? Neck or lower back pain? Headaches or Migraine? Sleeping troubles? Poor Immune system? Increased irritability? You’re not alone! Millions of Americans suffer from chronic stress levels that lead to a variety of health problems according to the Mayo Clinic.


Stress attacks us in 3 forms:

Physical Stress – car accident, sport injury, too much sitting, poor sleeping positions, etc.

Chemical Stress - poor nutrition, high drug/med use, smoking, too much caffeine and/or alcohol, etc.

Mental / Emotional Stress - anxiety, depression, anger, grief, etc.


How does chiropractic help with stress?

Chiropractic is focused on locating and correcting subluxations (spinal misalignments). These misalignments create pressure upon you main power and control system of your body, the Nervous system. When your Nervous system is interfered with, your body’s ability to heal and function properly is distorted. By using specific chiropractic spinal adjustments, a chiropractor corrects the subluxations which aids in facilitating the body’s healing and functioning abilities.


The health of your Nervous system is essential to how you feel, how you function, and how you heal! If life’s stresses are accumulating, maybe it’s time for a check-up. You can avoid, reduce, or eliminate stress. But, if your stress is due to things you cannot change, take a natural approach to reducing life’s stress.



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