Headache / Migraine

Headaches and migraines are some of the most common symptoms experienced. The pain can range from a small annoyance to severely debilitating. Many people become "used to" suffering from headaches and migraines due to the regular occurance. But, there is no such thing as "normal" headaches!


Many individuals first reaction will be to reach for a bottle of pills to alieviate the symptoms. As time passes, these individuals notice that the headaches/migraines have returned and in some cases the severity of the episodes have increased. This is a result of having a "chemical" solution for a "mechanical" problem. This means that the root cause of majority of headaches/migraines is not due to a lack of headache drugs!


The most common reason is due to spinal misalignments placing detrimental pressure upon the nerves and a "forward head" posture. These common culprits are a results from poor ergonomics at work, improper sleeping positions, weak posture, and/or trauma such as whiplash.

Other causes may include excessive mental/emotional stress and/or chemical stress such as food allergies or exposure to environmental pollution.


The Chiropractic approach is focused on addressing the root cause of headaches/migraines. A thorough consultation, examination, and x-rays of the cervical spine (neck area), will determine your Chiropractic care. A program of Chiropractic adjustments complimented with a stretching and strengthening program will aid in the resolution of headaches/migraines.


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