Mid Back Pain

The "mid back" is a large area of the back that spans from the base of the neck to the lower back. For this reason, let's section the mid back into "upper" mid back and "lower" mid back.


Upper mid back pain often will span across the shoulders or trapezius muscles and/or will be between the shoulder blades. In addition to the pain, upper mid back pain may affect a person's breathing, making it uncomfortable and at times painful.


The most common causes for upper mid back pain is often prolonged computer/mobile device usage, poor standing/sitting posture, improper sleeping positions, and/or trauma such as whiplash. For females, it may be due to constant bag carrying over one shoulder.


Lower mid back pain is frequently a compensation for lower back dysfunction. When the lower back movement is compromised, the lower mid back will attempt to compensate for the spine's motion. For females, it is commonly seen in the area of the bra line with improperly fitting wear. 


The Chiropractic approach is focused on addressing the root cause of mid back pain. A thorough consultation, examination, and x-rays of the thoracic spine (mid back area), will determine your Chiropractic care. A program of Chiropractic adjustments complimented with a stretching and strengthening program will aid in the resolution of mid back pain.


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