Elbow Pain / "Tennis" elbow, "Golfer's" elbow

Elbow pain is a problem that has become increasing prevalent these days. With occupations that require long computer use and people using mobile devices more than ever, the risk for elbow pain has risen.


Two aspects of the elbow are the inner and outer portion of the joint.


"Tennis" elbow, also termed lateral epicondylitis, is pain of the outer portion of the elbow. It's known as "tennis" elbow due to tennis players repetitively straining the outer portion of the elbow from a back-hand swing. Other actions that cause strain to this area are prolong typing and computer mouse use, clinching a steering wheel, repetitive knife chopping of veggies, etc. and screw driver use.


"Golfer's" or "Little League" elbow, also termed medial epicondlitis, is pain of the inner portion of the elbow. A golfers swing or a little leaguer throwing a curve ball will often strain this portion of the elbow.


The Chiropractic approach is focused on addressing the root cause of elbow pain. A thorough consultation, examination of the upper extremity (arm) will determine your Chiropractic care. A program of Chiropractic adjustments complimented with a stretching and strengthening program will aid in the resolution of elbow pain.


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