IT Band Syndrome and "Runner's" knee

 "IT" stands for iliotibial.  'Ilium' is your hip and 'tibia' is your shin bone.  The IT band starts from the ilium and ends at the tibia.

     Pain, or tightness, is often noticed in the butt or hip area and travels down the side of the leg.  The leg sensation may result in a numbness, tingling, or stiffness. The knee is often involved, which is classically called "runner's" knee. There can be a dull, achy type of pain, which may be accompanied by 'clicking', 'pulling', or 'stiffness' of the knee joint.
     IT band pain and "runner's" knee often results from prolong cardio exercise such as running or power walking, sleeping on the affected side, or sitting positions such as crossing one leg over the other.


It band pain and "runner's knee solutions:


1.Get adjusted – Spinal alignment, especially hip alignment, is essential to remove pressure from the IT bands.  When the hip alignment is balanced, the pressure upon the IT bands are even and less painful.


2.Massage therapy – Massage is a great way to get direct pressure upon the IT band to loosen and lengthen the band.  Massage will increase the circulation and reduce scar tissue to the area thus reducing the pain.


3.Foam roller – Rolling on a foam roller is an active approach to taking care of your IT band.  It takes a little more effort than a massage, but is still effective to decreasing IT band pain.


4.Stretching – Active stretching of the lateral (outside) part of the leg is recommended.  Standing, place affected leg on an elevated surface. Turn the bottom foot inwards towards elevated leg.  Gently, bend forward over the elevated leg.  Click here to see picture.


5.Rest days - Do you schedule rest days as a part of your workout routine?  Rest days are vital to allow your body to recover properly.  Repetitive, overuse, injuries are common, but avoidable.

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